Finding a property isn’t like searching in haystack anymore


Posted by MJTM | Posted in Real Estate | Posted on 20-11-2017


Searching for a suitable property that meet your demands could be like searching for a needle in a haystack, especially these days as cities are growing larger on daily basis and markets are stuffed with a myriad of real estate options.

Property searchers can find themselves lost between countless brokers, phone numbers, locations, houses, and destinations to deal with and choose from. It’s a tiring process by all means. However, solution is available, in fact it’s literally in our hands.

Property listing websites are there featuring a wide set of options in each city to make it easier for property searchers find exactly what they are looking for. Either seeking large villas, studios, regular apartments, or any other type of properties, they can all be found on property listing websites.

According to Internet Live Stats, about 40% of the world’s population has internet access with expectations of further increase in the future. That’s an overwhelming figure, of course not all of them are active users, but it still means that now is the best time for marketing and leveraging tactics to utilize online channels like websites, social media platforms, mobile applications, and other.

The availability of online portals offering comprehensive real estate services starting from featuring recently displayed properties for sale or rent, to issuing reports and market analyses, will definitely change property searchers’ behaviour pushing them to prioritize online searching. As a matter of fact, this is happening now. Searchers found it a lot easier to surf the internet looking for properties instead of contacting brokers and checking listed properties physically thanks to the availability of well curated and responsive online portals offering all needed support.

As a result of audience new orientation, most property brokers in all countries around the world built online presence for themselves and their entities. The Kingdom of Bahrain is one of the countries where real estate business became very active online. Nearly all activities, including finding apartments for sale in Bahrain, contacting brokers, searching for vacant office spaces, or any other, are made online either through specialized websites or through social media channels.

Buttressed by Bahrain’s vibrant market, local property listing websites are teeming with various kinds of properties varying in all specs and scattered throughout the kingdom’s localities. They are mainly visited by foreign investors from other GCC states, expats searching for convenient residential units to rent, and Bahrain nationals looking for buying or leasing.

Most of the websites have presence on social media channels to reach out to the biggest number of audience. They tend to leverage all types of channels by producing content in different contexts either videos, texts, infographics, and many other. Despite the lack of officially issued market data, many of the property listing websites publish accurate reports analyzing the market updates and forecasting its future by scouring their own data generated by their readings and users activity.

The easiness of accessing markets and surfing their listed properties will definitely have a positive impact on property transaction activity and will open the door for launching more investments. Real estate is heading towards tech savviness and nothing will stop it from transformation as long as mobiles and tablets are in the hands.

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