How tricky is it to send a parcel to USA?


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If you’re unfamiliar with the nuts and bolts of sending parcels overseas the entire process can seem just a little confusing at best; or worrying at worst. Even if we set the problem of finding a good deal for a reliable service aside for a moment, getting a firm grip on details of a delivery can leave you considering the idea of buying a plane ticket and taking the package yourself. -Nearly.

Many online couriers have recognised that we don’t want to become trained experts in global logistics before we can send a parcel to USA and this realisation has been a key factor in the evolution of the services they provide. With the right courier arranging a delivery ought to be relatively straight forward, possibly not as simple as posting letter – but not far off.

As long as you take a few moments to make sure you have any relevant information to hand, you shouldn’t encounter any real issues. So, what counts as relevant?

Two addresses – the point of collection and the point of delivery. No real surprises here; ensure you have the post or zip code for both locations.

Measurements – if you’re getting a quick quote online you’ll need to tell the courier how large and how heavy it is before they can collect it as each will have restrictions on the size of items they are able to carry. Accurate measurements are also necessary for generating an accurate price of course.

Details – packages sent within the borders of the EU do not require customs documentation; deliveries going outside of the EU do though. Any self-respecting online courier will make producing any and all paperwork easy – for customs invoices you’ll need a reason for exporting the package (“gift” for example) as well as a brief description of the items being sent and an estimate their value.

Other than that, all you need to do is pay and wait for the collection to take place.

The Role of Patience in Spread Betting


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With spread betting in the UK, all too often, traders aimlessly jump in and out of trades, hoping that this is the one that will make them rich, and when this fails to occur, they repeat the process endlessly. This is gambling, not trading. It can be contrasted with an archer who has trained themselves to focus only on the little red circle at the center of the board. Anything outside the circle is ignored. He pulls back his bowstring then pauses before releasing the arrow. The archer is poised and calm, concentrating so deeply that he is oblivious to the noise of the audience. Discipline is required to achieve this state.

Every trade is like an arrow and requires much preparation and focus. Each must receive the attention it needs to become a winning trade. When you are poised to make a trade, you should ignore all distractions and focus on the trade. Once a trade has been initiated, you should focus on the exit point. Each trade should be treated individually.

The best athletes are those who train the hardest. A trade must know their market. They must know its stability, liquidity and volatility and so understand what affects prices, for instance, world events, corporate events such as CEO appointments and economic data. A sudden rise in crude oil prices will exert downward pressure on shares in British Airways. Fastidious research is necessary. Fortuitously, bets can be placed on all manner of things, so you could well find something of which you know. As Joshua Raymond, a market strategist for City Index, said, there are more than 15,000 markets on which you can trade, so you should choose a market you understand. Knowing your market is one of his top five pieces of advice for traders. Charting tools and common-or-garden news can be useful. You may need to become familiar with particular countries. It will be easier to know your market if you specialize.

You should never trade for the sake of it. Even if you do not trade, you will have been watching the markets and learning and not losing money. There will always be another trading opportunity. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is nothing. Even the best traders sometimes lose, but focusing on a trading plan as described here will help you to trade without stress.

Squeezing the Most Out of Your Auto Insurance


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One must always have auto insurance if he or she expects to drive on public highways legally. Whether it’s AARP insurance or any other coverage, it is vital that you take steps that will help you reduce your car insurance premium. Taking these steps can help you reduce your premium by at least thirty percent. Let’s examine three steps that  will assist you in getting the best deal with an automobile insurance company when you check auto insurance quotes and rates.

Auto Insurance Quotes

A reputable insurance company will always be more than happy to give you a quote over the telephone. You should get several price quotes from insurance companies in your area. This simple step will can assist you in securing the best deal for your budget. This simple step will also allow you to see if your present insurance company has your best interest in mind.

Car Insurance Calculator

A car insurance calculator can help you compute the total costs of your car insurance. You can purchase this special calculator in a retail store. You also have the option of using a free online car insurance calculator. Using this calculator can help you select or dismiss benefits within your package.

Ask for Discounts

Reputable insurance companies are well-known for offering discounts to their favorite customers. For example, you may be given a discount for being a safe driver over a specified period of time. You may also be given a discount if you have an anti-theft device on your car. Asking for discounts can put you in a position to reduce your monthly premium significantly.

It is mandatory for you to have auto insurance in order to drive legally on public roads. It is important for you to take steps that can help you save money on your auto insurance. Following the three steps listed above can help you get a good deal on your car insurance.

Enjoy an Early St. Patrick’s Day


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With the weather getting a little cooler across the country, I’ve had a hankering for some very distinct cuisine. I’m been craving all that is Irish, and so I thought it would be great to celebrate an early St. Patrick’s Day this next weekend. Here are some things to think about when celebrating!

Enjoy Some Beer

I’m a big fan of beer. But, sometimes Guinness just isn’t what you want to drink because it is so heavy. There are actually a lot of choices when it comes to Irish beers that are good to drink during your early St. Patrick’s Day festival. For example, you enjoy Beamish Irish Stout, Murphy’s Irish Stout, Ohara’s Celtic Stout, Porterhouse Oyster Stout, Harp Lager, Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale, Murphy’s Irish Red, Smithwick’s Irish Ale, and more! Try some out!

Eat Like You’re Irish

What I’ve really been craving, beyond the beer, is the food. Irish fare is a great thing to have when it starts getting a little cold outside. I love the traditional favorites like corned beef and cabbage, or just having corned beef with just about anything.

If you want to enjoy some Irish food, you should try one of these classics: corned beef and cabbage, herb dumpling stew, reuben casserole, lamb stew, Irish stew, or Shepherd’s Pie.

You can also try a variation on traditional corned beef by making it in a crockpot, or even making a corned beef bake.

Listen to Some Irish-Inspired Music

Finally, you should always consider listening to some Irish music if you want to have a good time when you’re enjoying your Irish beer and eating your Irish fare. I’m a big fan right now of Mumford and Sons, and I’m even considering getting Mumford and Sons tickets to an upcoming show to enjoy them even more. There is nothing better than enjoying a Guinness or other beer and listening to some great Irish tunes!

Things to Consider When Buying a New Car


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Buying a new car can be a fun, yet challenging, experience. There is nothing like sitting in a new car and smelling the fresh leather of the interior. However, it can be tough buying a car because you have a sales person hovering by you saying anything they can to make the deal happen. Here are some things to consider if you’re in the market for a new car.

Negotiate The Price

The first thing you have to do when buying a new car is negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. Everything is negotiable, and don’t think you have to fall for the sales person’s car offers. I suggest that you only offer out the price you are willing to pay,
not what the dealer wants you to pay. And make sure you negotiate on price, not other features, like financing.

Be Smart About Financing

Speaking of finance, make sure that you are being smart about the financing deal. Many dealers and car salesmen will pitch you on a monthly payment – but that may not be a great deal. Salesmen know they can get to any monthly payment, but they do it by stretching out the loan, charging higher interest rates, or more. The bottom line is that you, as the buyer, probably don’t get the best deal.

Don’t think you have to get a car loan from the dealer either. In fact, many banks and credit unions have great offers on car loans right now, so you should shop around to make sure that you get the best loan terms possible.

Don’t Fall For Extras

Finally, don’t fall for the extra add-ons the salesman will try to sell you. These include longer warranties, scratch protection on the paint, or more. First, many of these you don’t really need, especially when it comes to the warranty. Second, for
the other add-ons, if you do want them you will probably get a better price doing it yourself at an after-market shop than the dealership, which will charge you more.

How online gaming can help you save


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With the level of debt rising continually over the last decade it is no surprise that people are looking for ways to cut back on costs and save wherever possible. The continual challenge for consumers to make ends meet and not incur unnecessary debt have led to people looking for new ways to enjoy entertainment and save on an aspect that could be considered a luxury and not a necessity.

Keeping finances healthy is now factored into many people’s daily lives, and new ways to save are always welcomed. By trying your hand at online gaming you will discover you can save a considerable amount of money and enhance your financial situation whilst still enjoying quality recreational time.

Free games online

Part of the attraction of many online games is the fact that they can be enjoyed absolutely free. Online casinos like RiverBelle offer all their games as free versions that can be enjoyed with no obligations. Arcade style games are also often available free and favorites such as Pac man can easily be found online. Another very popular online genre are RPG and MMO games, and these games often charge players a nominal monthly fee of a few dollars to join the live servers. You can save a large amount of money by playing these free games, replacing costly entertainment options with entertainment that won’t break the bank.

Reduce expenses

Entertainment expenses are never limited to simply just enjoying a movie, or going out for a meal. Factor in the petrol that it takes for you to drive to your intended location, the parking, entrance or ticket fee, food and beverages and other sundry expenses such as renting bowling shoes or tipping waiting staff. By enjoying online games in the comfort of your own home you have eliminated all of these expenses ad still have access to top quality gaming and world class entertainment. The savings will add up incrementally and before long you will have reduced your entertainment costs by more than half.

Finally, all that is required for you to enjoy online games is a stable internet connection and PC or mobile device that allows you to access the games in compatible format. Add up how much you save on a monthly basis and compare it to how much you have spent in the past to really see results.

Don’t Fall For These Supermarket Tricks!


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In the battle for customers and their hard-earned money, many supermarkets employ marketing tactics in a bid to make you spend more than you had planned to. From discount offers to careful product placement, there are plenty of supermarket tricks which you should keep in mind when you shop.

BOGOF Offers and Discounts

These buy-one, get-one-free (BOGOF ) offers can be difficult to resist and often make you buy two of something when you wouldn’t have normally bought one. Sometimes the prices of these items have been inflated beforehand to cover the expense of the free item. In other cases the BOGOF offer is for perishables with a short shelf life. Unless you are certain that you will use double the amount, you should steer clear of these offers to avoid throwing food away.

The same rules apply to offers which seem to give you a better price if you buy in bulk. These ‘buy three for £10’ deals are very tempting but very often the saving is only a few pence. Check out the other similar brands and you may find that they are selling for a much lower price without being included in the store’s discounts. Again, consider if you would usually buy that item if it wasn’t at a discount. Being persuaded to buy more than you need is very common when supermarket shopping.

Sometimes the supermarket will place the discounted items next to more expensive ones which aren’t on sale at a discount. This makes it easy for the shopper to accidentally pick up the wrong item at the higher price. Always double-check that the item on the shelf is the same one advertised at a discount. The supermarket can blame other shoppers for moving things around or blame shelf stackers for items being in the wrong place and it is usually the consumer who loses out.

As with all special offers, make sure you still get the discount at the till. The supermarket may have ‘accidentally’ forgotten to change the till to account for the lower price.

Product Placement

Quite often supermarkets will place their most expensive items at eye level so that they are more likely to be seen and picked up. Check the prices of similar products placed at the top and bottom of the shelves and you may find they are much cheaper.

You will always find tempting foods near the entrance of the store. Fresh cakes or luxury items which you probably do not need will often be the first things you see when you enter to make you more likely to buy them. Many supermarkets have bakeries and the smell of fresh bread and cakes will hit you as you walk around the shop, making you feel hungry and more likely to buy.

These tricks can be avoided by shopping after you have eaten a meal. Shopping when hungry will make you buy more snacks and treats than you really need.

Supermarkets also use bland and plain packaging on their cheaper own-brand products, allowing the more expensive products with brighter packaging to catch the eye. Other tricks, such as regularly changing the layout of the store, are designed to make you walk past as many other products as possible in the hope that you make an impulsive purchase. The most well known of these supermarket tricks is putting sweets next to the checkout, so that children in the queue will harass
their parents into buying them that extra treat.

This guest post was submitted on behalf of comparison site SO Switch (Click on our money offers for a range of products) who can help you find the best deals on car insurance, credit cards and even energy bills.

How to Retire Debt Free


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The great recession of 2008 will undoubtedly become an historic moment across all generations as many hardworking families face cuts in employment and income in coordination with challenging consumer markets and the rising costs of living. Traditionally in this model of family finance, retirement provides that beautiful moment of release alongside a healthy retirement fund and pool of sustainable assets.

However with the level of family debt rising steadily over the past decade, many have been found questioning their previous financial management choices and seeking new ways to balance the books through a healthier lifestyle. Avoiding debt in retirement is entirely possible with good planning; here are five great ways to enhance your financial situation.

1.      Construct a Budget.

Prepare an annualised budget and methodological strategy based around your incomings and outgoings which should provide the estimation of disposable income and monetary investments. This can also shed light on where money could be transferred or reduced and to further identify how your cash flow changes over a significant period of time.

2.      Tax Efficiency.

Tax undoubtedly has an effect on debt levels and should be heavily monitored to make reductions. Business debt and rental property can be removed from taxable income and should be a slimmer priority for those in the higher tax bracket.  As an extra tip to help better prepare yourself for retirement, consider taking courses in a graduate tax program.

3.      Preparation.

A very good measure for savings is to budget 10% of shared gross income as this provides a great fall back for an unexpected scenario such as business failure, divorce or illness. If an unexpected situation occurs, seeking immediate financial cover is both challenging and costly in the longer term. Living within ones means also requires a contingency plan of this nature and if avoidable, provides you with a useful savings trust.

4.      Prioritizing Debt.

All debt is bad debt but there are ways to categorise the importance of each debt based on interest and deductible earnings. Paying off the smallest bill first can allow you to avoid interest on future payments so a debt reduction strategy based on this method can be successful.

5.      Prioritize Importance.

A philosophical approach for the investment of capital should be utilized after covering the necessary areas of education, food, and maintenance. Whilst there is the pressing urge to acquire that new widescreen TV, a weekend away with your partner could become a far more valuable investment for the relationship strength it provides.


Author Bio – James Barnett is a writer on behalf of CooperMatthews analysing contemporary wealth management for families across the UK.

Financial Things to Consider When Becoming Self Employed


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Starting out on your own can be a great feeling – it usually means that your venture has been successful enough to support you! That is awesome. However, being self employed presents a different set of challenges compared to working for a company, especially when it comes to financial matters. Most employers provide a lot of benefits for their employees beyond a paycheck, and if you’re moving to self-employment, you’re going to have to figure these things out on your own.


Most people get their health insurance and other insurance products through their employers. In fact, this is going to be just about mandatory once Obamacare takes effect. However, if you’re self employed or thinking about it, you’re going to need to look for private healthcare options for your insurance.

Most insurance companies offer individual and family policies that anyone can buy directly; however, they are expensive and can be confusing. Since you are buying directly, you have to make all the choices when it comes to deductible, co-payments, out of pocket maximums, and what exactly will be covered. And every choice can change the cost of the policy.

However, if you’re self employed, you may be able to get a group policy elsewhere – maybe your local chamber of commerce, or maybe there is a trade group in your sector that offers insurance. Regardless, you will still need to budget for these expenses out of pocket. And then, don’t forget to think about dental and vision coverage if you will need it. Those can be additional out of pocket expenses as well.

Finally, many people get their disability and life insurance through their employers as well. If your family or business counts on you personally for survival, you will need to make sure that they are protected should anything happen to you. Make sure that you carry enough insurance to cover thing. You don’t want to be the sole earner of your business, and then become disabled or die, and leave nobody to support your family.


Also, most people in the United States get their retirement taken care of by their employer. Yes, there are other options, such as IRAs, but most people still depend on pensions and 401ks. If you are going to be self-employed, you need to figure out what you are going to do to save for retirement. You need to budget for it, and you need to make sure that you are actually doing it. Also, don’t forget that your employer usually matches 401k contributions, so that if you contribute the same as you used to, you will be shorting yourself.

There are many different vehicles for self-employed individuals to save for retirement, so this may also be an area where you want to get professional advice to make sure that you are maximizing your retirement benefits while at the same time minimizing any potential tax liabilities. Online Calculators as well as a professional advisor can help you plan for this appropriately.

The Finances of Shopping for a Car


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Buying a car is usually a difficult experience. From haggling on price, to making sure that it’s not a lemon, there are so many different factors to consider. But then, once all the basics are covered, you have to figure out the finances of it. Are you going to buy or lease? If you buy, are you going to pay cash or look for car loans? Then what about after you own it? There are so many factors to consider, so here is a breakdown to give you some food for thought.

Buy or Lease?

The first question is should you buy or lease the car? Buying is usually the better option, especially if you are going to own the car for a long period of time (5 years or more). Leasing can sometimes be a good option if you don’t plan on keeping the car, but you need to be careful about fees, such as excess mileage. These fees can unexpectedly make leasing a much worse deal than buying.

If you buy you have to decide if you are going to pay cash or get a car loan. Most people do get a car loan, but you should really think about the cost of getting one. Many dealers try to sell you loans based on monthly payments, but what they don’t tell you is that the loan period could be for 5 years or longer, and you could end up paying a lot more interest than you intended. Make sure you read and fully understand any financing you get for your vehicle.


The next thing to consider is insurance. If you get a car loan, or have a lease, you will most likely be required to maintain a basic level of insurance. Also, in most states, you are required to maintain a basic level of insurance as well.

When getting insurance, you have a few basic options, including basic liability, collision, and comprehensive. You should take into consideration the value of the car whenever you are looking at insurance, and don’t over-insure your vehicle.

Also, if you have a loan or a lease, you may want to consider gap insurance, which can cover any difference in cost between the value of your car and what you owe on your loan or lease, should the car become totaled in an accident.

Maintenance Plans

Finally, every car dealer tries to sell some type of maintenance or care plan with each car they sell. These plans are usually not worth what you pay up front, but they can provide peace of mind.

These plans usually offer maintenance or repairs. The maintenance plans will cover basic maintenance up to a certain mileage, such as oil changes and tire rotations. The repair plans will cover a myriad of repairs for covered parts up to a certain mileage or year as well. Just make sure that you read through the plans and see what is included before you assume anything.