Eco-bulbs are not very eco, apparently

WebEcoist has posted a rather shocking report on the top 5 “green products” that are in fact significantly less green than they claim to be. Among the other 4 random American products I’ve never heard of I was surprised to see energy saving compact fluorescent bulbs that I’ve come to love and respect. Sadly, it appears they contain a lot of Mercury – which we really don’t want to be throwing away randomly into the environment, or so I hear. Luckily the bulbs have a life of around 5 years and most people started buying them about 2 years ago soooo … we shouldn’t be poisoned for another 2 or 3 years yet.

I quote:
Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) are the poster child for the new generation of eco-friendly, energy saving appliances. Department stores are aggressively marketing them to consumers and they have been flying off store shelves for the better part of this decade. There’s just one problem: CFLs contain small amounts of mercury, a potentially lethal neurotoxin that cannot be safely disposed of with other garbage. But since the government has yet to discover an efficient means of recycling these bulbs, they often do wind up being tossed out with other garbage. Massive amounts of time and money must then be spent to clean up mercury contamination.

Is the energy (and hence money) saved worth poisoning the environment? Not in my opinion.

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  1. Nice tips. I think it’s always important to distinguish between products being used for the good of the environment and for profit of a company who doesn’t care about the environment.

    Also, JapanSoc is the ONLY “social votng site for Japan-related blogs”(Digg clone) so I guess it’ll stay #1 for awhile…笑

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