100 subscribers – and another $50 to a Kiva loan! Thank you!

328677I’ve just noticed the site subscription numbers are over 100! That means it’s time to make my next micro-loan of $50 (as I promised, one dollar per new subscriber after the first target of 50) to someone in need. Through Kiva.org, you can help to make a real difference by giving someone a chance to start or grow their business without them having to turn to local corrupt loan-sharks.

This time, I’ve chosen to make the micro-loan to a young woman called Mao Sophal in Cambodia, as I was recently reminded of the atrocious sex industry there. I hope if this young woman ever has child, she will be able to afford to educate the child without selling them into the sex trade, or indeed being forced into it herself out of poverty as so many are. I also joined the atheist kiva coalition to show how one can be altruistic without religious inclinations. You can check out my kiva profile here.

I guess my next target will be 200, at which point I’ll make another $50 micro-loan to another worthy cause. Why not go change the world yourself?

4 thoughts on “100 subscribers – and another $50 to a Kiva loan! Thank you!

  1. Themelis Cuiper’s SocialGarden videos > internetbusiness & sea had a hyper link to your text. Any idea why? So your blog is example of something.

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