Enjoy an Early St. Patrick’s Day

With the weather getting a little cooler across the country, I’ve had a hankering for some very distinct cuisine. I’m been craving all that is Irish, and so I thought it would be great to celebrate an early St. Patrick’s Day this next weekend. Here are some things to think about when celebrating!

Enjoy Some Beer

I’m a big fan of beer. But, sometimes Guinness just isn’t what you want to drink because it is so heavy. There are actually a lot of choices when it comes to Irish beers that are good to drink during your early St. Patrick’s Day festival. For example, you enjoy Beamish Irish Stout, Murphy’s Irish Stout, Ohara’s Celtic Stout, Porterhouse Oyster Stout, Harp Lager, Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale, Murphy’s Irish Red, Smithwick’s Irish Ale, and more! Try some out!

Eat Like You’re Irish

What I’ve really been craving, beyond the beer, is the food. Irish fare is a great thing to have when it starts getting a little cold outside. I love the traditional favorites like corned beef and cabbage, or just having corned beef with just about anything.

If you want to enjoy some Irish food, you should try one of these classics: corned beef and cabbage, herb dumpling stew, reuben casserole, lamb stew, Irish stew, or Shepherd’s Pie.

You can also try a variation on traditional corned beef by making it in a crockpot, or even making a corned beef bake.

Listen to Some Irish-Inspired Music

Finally, you should always consider listening to some Irish music if you want to have a good time when you’re enjoying your Irish beer and eating your Irish fare. I’m a big fan right now of Mumford and Sons, and I’m even considering getting Mumford and Sons tickets to an upcoming show to enjoy them even more. There is nothing better than enjoying a Guinness or other beer and listening to some great Irish tunes!

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