How to Improve your Finances

Every family has gone through a financial slump in some form. Whether you got in over your head with student  loans, credit cards, spending, medical costs, etc. you probably are looking for a way to improve your personal finances. It seems pretty simple, lower your spending and increase your savings, but it isn’t always that simple. How do you take the first steps to improving your financial status? It can be overwhelming! I was able to come across an app that can help you in this area of your life as well as many others. The app Setapp offers you access to many personal finance apps that can you help you in this journey. The idea behind the app is that you are given access to dozens of apps for a minimal monthly fee. Below are a few apps that I found to be helpful in this subject.




Chronicle is an app that allows you to track and pay bills as well as manage your personal finances. It includes a bill planner that is very easy and simple to use. It allows you to be notified when bills are due and makes sure you do not miss the deadline. You can also analyze and plan your budget to see where you are going wrong and also what you should continue doing.




Moneywiz is similar to chronicle in that it helps you organize your finances. However, it is more than just a bill organizer. It is a robust personal finance software. It allows you to track your spending in your accounts. You can run reports instantly across all of your devices to check your status. It works with your online banking accounts.


Home Inventory


Assets are not only in the form of money in your bank account, but also physically in your home. By using the Home Inventory app you can manage your home and belongings. Similar to warehouse stock taking and home inventory control, it is great to use with collectibles as well as simply organizing your home. Moreover, a separate iOS companion app is available outside of Setapp for remote entry and backup of your catalogues.


These three simple apps can greatly help with your personal financial standings. Just by being organized and knowing where you are spending your money can help you tremendously. It makes the equation of spending less in order to save more more achievable. Enjoy setapp not only for this benefit but for many other areas of your life that need help.


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