Types of Television

Cable Providers are offering so many packages to their customers. There are many different channels besides basic network channels such as ABC, NBC and CBS. With that comes many types of shows. Below is a list of types of television you may encounter while perusing your channel guide.


The first type of tv show is a scripted show. An example of a scripted show is a sitcom. Sitcoms are typically an hour or half hour in length and are written. They have a written script. They can be comedies or dramas so they either offer a laugh or even a good cry.


News channels are very popular. People are looking for their news in real time, and by having this information so easily can cause potential problems. Many are interested in politics, weather, current events, etc. but when they are available on news channels 24/7 it can lead to obsession. The obsession can not only be with the viewer but also with the channels themselves trying to get good stories to attract viewers. This type of television channel is very popular.


On tv they have channels that sell products. They can sell products through live shopping or even infomercials. The idea is that views can purchase products from the comfort of their own home or couch. With online shopping available, it is probably assuming to think that this type of shopping may not be popular. This is entirely wrong. When business owners sell their products on such channels they are often breaking records and selling large quantities. Next time you are sitting around, check it out.


One of the newer types of television available is reality tv. Reality tv includes shows that are thought to be unscripted and show reality. This type of tv has taken over cable networks by storm. There is reality shows from everyday city life to gold mining in Alaska. Reality tv can basically film any sort of lifestyle and subject. This is probably why it appeals to so many people. There is literally a show or documentary for every subject matter you can imagine.

There are many networks that offer these varietals of shows. With what is available these days it is easy to find a show that is right for you.

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