Cheap entertainment for young people in Japan


Young generations always seek different forms of entertainment. They are always keen on some action, getting new experiences, and having fun. However, there are some activities that most of them cannot afford since they are still studying and not having a regular job. Therefore, many youngsters want to have a lot of fun without spending too much money. We have been exploring this topic, and we are bringing you some ideas of what you can do for fun as a youngster in Japan.

Online casinos

The majority of young people spend most of their time online, and one of the most popular ways of having fun is playing online casino games. Especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, the online gambling market has been growing rapidly, and it has never been more popular. Players can enjoy a vast offer of different online casino games, including slots, poker, or bingo. You can try out your luck by staking low your bets, and who knows, you might hit a massive jackpot eventually. Be aware that you should play only at trusted online casinos, such as Zipang online casino, and you can dip into the review for Japanese readers.


This is a hypnotic game, something like a vertical pinball that is very famous in Japan. Actually, it is not related only to the younger generation, as people of all ages enjoy playing this game. Although it is considered a form of gambling, and many of these activities are prohibited in Japan, pachinko is government-tolerated, and it is safe to play. To bypass the legal issues, you cannot win cash directly, but you can receive tokens that can be exchanged for money later. Players do not need significant amounts of money to spend on this game, while at the same time, it is enjoyable, and you may only spend a lot of time playing it.


Japanese people just love singing. It is not something that they do after a few drinks in a bar, unlike most of the world. Japanese youngsters are not afraid of being embarrassed by their slim vocal skills, they instead enjoy the company and sing for fun. Karaoke parties can last for hours, and it isn’t strange that some of them take not less than a half of a day! Besides going to a karaoke bar, you can rent the equipment with your friends and enjoy the party as long as you want.

Go out for nomihoudai/tabehoudai

If you enjoy eating or drinking, then this might be the activity just for you. Nomihoudai means to drink to your heart’s content, and the same applies to eat, which is called tabehoudai. You can find numerous restaurants and bars that offer you to dring and eat as much as you want in a specified timeframe. Young people enjoy these activities, not only since they can enjoy food or drinks, but they can also socialize and spend some quality time together.

Spending time at entertainment complexes

There are a lot of venues just for having fun, and those mostly include cinemas, bowling, and other kinds of sports. Quite a few of them are opened 24 hours, and you can enjoy time with your friends any time you want. If you prefer bowling, then a famous chain called Round 1 might be a perfect choice for you. Amusement parks are also very famous, and Tokyo Disney is one of the most popular ones. The visitors can always expect something special, such as impressive lightning at Christmas time, or water parks in the summer. You can experience a much different atmosphere compared to parks of this kind in some other countries.


When you are at the age of 20, you are allowed to go to clubs and have drinks. There are tons of clubs in Japan’s biggest cities, and everyone can find something of his preference. Saturday nights are crowded with young people, and they enjoy clubbing very much.


You can find a lot of exciting activities as a youngster in Japan. Everybody can have a busy day and explore different fun things that won’t cost you too much money. Whether it is playing your favorite casino game, spending time with friends in unusual restaurants, or doing some sports activities, entertainment is guaranteed in this beautiful country. At the end of the day, you can go to the cinema, or if you prefer more interactive places, clubbing might be a perfect solution. We are sure you will find something that suits you the most, and that these suggestions will help you have a great time in Japan.

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