This page was started at the beginning of 2009. I have lived in Japan for 5 years, and I still have the same 250,000-300,000 yen a month wage that I did when I first came here. What’s worse is that in 5 years I have very little to show for it. All that is about to change.

I hereby promise to be frugal and thrifty, yet rich in all areas of life. What does this mean? I will value things, and instead of buying cheap new ones when they break, I will endeavor to have them repaired. I will spend my money on things that can truly be of worth to me. I will save when there is nothing I truly need – instead of mindlessly buying crap for the sake of shopping. I will invest in myself and think about the future. I will save money wherever I can, so that I might have more to give to those in greater need, so that I may start contributing to the well-being of the world as a whole. I will put my personal environmental impact at the forefront of my life.

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