Essential Oils

The organic and all natural craze is on the rise in the United States. People are trying to buy everything “clean” when it comes to every aspect of their life…food, household products, beauty products, etc. One product that has also become very popular is Essential Oils. There are many different varieties and many different types available. Essential Oils are basically an oil extracted from a plant or varietal in nature. These aromatic compounds are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. Essential oils have long been used for food preparation, beauty treatment, and health-care practices. Basically you can either use them for their smell or their intended beauty/health benefit. Currently there are many different companies selling these products so you may be familiar with or heard of them. Many are selling these items through direct sales to make a supplemental income for their families. The world of essential oils can be very complex but below is a basic introduction.


Essential oils are very potent and come in a tiny glass bottle. They need to be stored properly in a dry and cool place. They can be used individually or also be mixed to create a perfect blend. Those who sell oils even have pre blended oils to make it easier for you. An oil can either be diffused or used on your body. To diffuse the oil you must purchase a diffuser. You can find these items basically anywhere oils are sold, but be sure you are purchasing one that works well with these potent oils. Diffusers are basically humidifiers because you add the oil to water and it is diffused into steam. As far as using the oils topically, you have to be careful to read up on the oil before using it on yourself. Some can be put directly on your skin but some may need to be diluted. To dilute an oil you use a carrier oil which can be something like coconut oil or olive oil. Oils can be applied to different parts of your body depending on their use. Places like your wrists, neck, feet are very popular and most effective.


As previously mentioned, the uses for essential oils are endless. They can be used in food, in beauty products and also many healing/medicinal purposes. Besides these listed benefits, oils simply smell good and can be used for their fragrances to make your home smell nice. Examples of oils that can be used in cooking are oregano, rosemary, nutmeg, or lemon. OIls like lavender or peppermint are often used in soaps and lotions. Many people use oils for household items like cleaners, laundry detergent, dish detergent or bug spray. Certain oils are often proven to help things such as stress, colds, allergies, and pain.

Basically there are many uses for essential oils. If you are interested, it is best to start off with the staple/basic oils to start your collection and go from there. There are whole communities built around these products and a lot of resources are available to help you learn the way.

How to Improve your Finances

Every family has gone through a financial slump in some form. Whether you got in over your head with student  loans, credit cards, spending, medical costs, etc. you probably are looking for a way to improve your personal finances. It seems pretty simple, lower your spending and increase your savings, but it isn’t always that simple. How do you take the first steps to improving your financial status? It can be overwhelming! I was able to come across an app that can help you in this area of your life as well as many others. The app Setapp offers you access to many personal finance apps that can you help you in this journey. The idea behind the app is that you are given access to dozens of apps for a minimal monthly fee. Below are a few apps that I found to be helpful in this subject.




Chronicle is an app that allows you to track and pay bills as well as manage your personal finances. It includes a bill planner that is very easy and simple to use. It allows you to be notified when bills are due and makes sure you do not miss the deadline. You can also analyze and plan your budget to see where you are going wrong and also what you should continue doing.




Moneywiz is similar to chronicle in that it helps you organize your finances. However, it is more than just a bill organizer. It is a robust personal finance software. It allows you to track your spending in your accounts. You can run reports instantly across all of your devices to check your status. It works with your online banking accounts.


Home Inventory


Assets are not only in the form of money in your bank account, but also physically in your home. By using the Home Inventory app you can manage your home and belongings. Similar to warehouse stock taking and home inventory control, it is great to use with collectibles as well as simply organizing your home. Moreover, a separate iOS companion app is available outside of Setapp for remote entry and backup of your catalogues.


These three simple apps can greatly help with your personal financial standings. Just by being organized and knowing where you are spending your money can help you tremendously. It makes the equation of spending less in order to save more more achievable. Enjoy setapp not only for this benefit but for many other areas of your life that need help.


How tricky is it to send a parcel to USA?


If you’re unfamiliar with the nuts and bolts of sending parcels overseas the entire process can seem just a little confusing at best; or worrying at worst. Even if we set the problem of finding a good deal for a reliable service aside for a moment, getting a firm grip on details of a delivery can leave you considering the idea of buying a plane ticket and taking the package yourself. -Nearly.

Many online couriers have recognised that we don’t want to become trained experts in global logistics before we can send a parcel to USA and this realisation has been a key factor in the evolution of the services they provide. With the right courier arranging a delivery ought to be relatively straight forward, possibly not as simple as posting letter – but not far off.

As long as you take a few moments to make sure you have any relevant information to hand, you shouldn’t encounter any real issues. So, what counts as relevant?

Two addresses – the point of collection and the point of delivery. No real surprises here; ensure you have the post or zip code for both locations.

Measurements – if you’re getting a quick quote online you’ll need to tell the courier how large and how heavy it is before they can collect it as each will have restrictions on the size of items they are able to carry. Accurate measurements are also necessary for generating an accurate price of course.

Details – packages sent within the borders of the EU do not require customs documentation; deliveries going outside of the EU do though. Any self-respecting online courier will make producing any and all paperwork easy – for customs invoices you’ll need a reason for exporting the package (“gift” for example) as well as a brief description of the items being sent and an estimate their value.

Other than that, all you need to do is pay and wait for the collection to take place.